Selling some BoA CD's! Gotta get rid of these

- BEST&USA first press edition 2CD+2DVD Japan region - $34.00 (originally $68.99, I lost the plastic holder.)
- No.1 (2nd korean album) - $8.00
- White Wishes, first press edition 1CD&1DVD japan region OBI - $20.00
- Bump Bump, first press edition 1CD+1DVD japan region OBI - $20.00
^^ Negotiation allowed. Buy all the cd's for $55 shipped. Special offer for my LJ friends~
Thank you!!


Hello everyone! I have a quick question about AATVXQ SEASON 1 with the english subtitles.

On disc 2 with the tour of their house, did it have english subtitles?? The "Talk to You" section of the disc has english subtitles, but the "Fan Camera" doesn't. ;-; Please help me out. Thank yoou!!!

Oh! And does disc 1 with the music videos comes with english subtitles?? All I see is korean. THANK YOU!

Woo ho! Almost a year since I last posted.

 Ah.. Yea, I kinda gave up on LJ since I didn't know what to do on here.

I recently found out that you could write stories and post them up too?! AND COMMUNITIES?! =]

Heheh, Anyways. I'm obsessed with Yunjae fics!! Please recommend me some. ^^

Today is Sunday.. tommorow is school.. blah.. school.

but only 9 more weeks til school is over ! Yaya.

Its a new day. =]

Hello all!
Today is so boring.. sorry for getting on so late. I didn't have internet last night or this morning.
So, I ate vietnamese pizza today! Its my favorite! Yummy! Wo ho.. Yummu cherry too!

What else can you do on Livejournal? =/
Imma look for more frriends now! Bye bye!